npm WARNings

npm WARN @angular/core@6.0.0-rc.5 requires a peer of rxjs@^6.0.0-rc.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.
npm WARN The package jasmine is included as both a dev and production dependency.
npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: fsevents@1.1.3 (node_modules\fsevents):
npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for fsevents@1.1.3: wanted {“os”:”darwin”,”arch”:”any
“} (current: {“os”:”win32″,”arch”:”x64″})

+ @angular/core@6.0.0-rc.5
added 256 packages from 265 contributors, removed 166 packages and updated 1050 packages in 553.454s