Vue vs Angular

in response to: With Angular 6, a Hello World app would be is under 3kb. Angular has changed a lot. Looking at some of the speedtests, with NG5, it’s faster than Vue and React. … aside from speed and file sizes, I think the demand for Vue is still pretty small compared to Angular which is actually used by Google daily at least 600 Applications. Google is committed to building up and out Angular…

"Vue vs Angular"

What would you like to see

What would you like to see … again? it’s been a while since my previous site died. how can I …. What can I do to make this site immportal? … I meant “immortal” 0kay… fun side shower thoughts. I’ll share some horrible and non-inimical but whimsical mis-spelt-ings (misspellings) [BTW. there is fog on the bridge between DearDanieLim & WebDevDaniel]

"What would you like to see"