ng-conf 2018 virtually

Keynote Address Presented by Brad Green, Miško Hevery and Kara Erickson Slides | Sketchnotes Related Topics: JavaScript · JavaScript Frameworks · Web Development · nodeJS · HTML5 · Front-end Development · Computer programming · Software Development · JavaScript Applications · JavaScript Libraries

"ng-conf 2018 virtually"

Beware of Node.js Authentication Tutorials

tl;dr: I went on a search of Node.js/Express.js authentication tutorials. All of them were incomplete or made a security mistake in some way that can potentially hurt new users. This post explores some common authentication pitfalls, how to avoid them, and what to do to help yourself when your tutorials don’t help you anymore. I am still searching for a robust, all-in-one solution for authentication in Node/Express that rivals Rails’s Devise. Your Node.js authentication tutorial…

"Beware of Node.js Authentication Tutorials"

fix dependencies

@angular/compiler-cli@5.2.9″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 @angular/compiler-cli@5.2.9″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 tsickle@0.27.5″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 karma-jasmine-html-reporter@1.0.0″ has unmet peer dependency “jasmine@^3.0.0”. yarn add -D karma-jasmine

"fix dependencies"