Errors Today

warning karma > log4js > nodemailer@2.7.2: All versions below 4.0.1 of Nodemailer are deprecated. See warning karma > log4js > loggly > request > node-uuid@1.4.8: Use uuid module instead warning karma > log4js > nodemailer > mailcomposer@4.0.1: This project is unmaintained warning karma > log4js > nodemailer > socks@1.1.9: If using 2.x branch, please upgrade to at least 2.1.6 to avoid a serious bug with socket data flow and an import issue introduced in…

"Errors Today"

How to Fork my own Repo on Github

How to Fork my own Repo on Github? Here’s what I did, please adjust and change according based on your context 1. Create a New Repo On Github Now, you will see a few boxes with … Quick setup — if you’ve done this kind of thing before or [HTTPS] [SSH] [] We recommend every repository include a README, LICENSE, and .gitignore. …or create a new repository on the command line echo “# mean-stack-demo-fork” >>…

"How to Fork my own Repo on Github"

Installing Angular 6

create intro2ng6/e2e/app.e2e-spec.ts (291 bytes) create intro2ng6/e2e/app.po.ts (208 bytes) create intro2ng6/e2e/tsconfig.e2e.json (235 bytes) create intro2ng6/karma.conf.js (923 bytes) create intro2ng6/package.json (1294 bytes) create intro2ng6/protractor.conf.js (722 bytes) create intro2ng6/ (1025 bytes) create intro2ng6/tsconfig.json (363 bytes) create intro2ng6/tslint.json (3012 bytes) create intro2ng6/.angular-cli.json (1244 bytes) create intro2ng6/.editorconfig (245 bytes) create intro2ng6/.gitignore (544 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/assets/.gitkeep (0 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/environments/ (51 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/environments/environment.ts (387 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/favicon.ico (5430 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/index.html (296 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/main.ts (370 bytes) create intro2ng6/src/polyfills.ts (3114…

"Installing Angular 6"

fix dependencies

@angular/compiler-cli@5.2.9″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 @angular/compiler-cli@5.2.9″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 tsickle@0.27.5″ has incorrect peer dependency “typescript@>=2.4.2 karma-jasmine-html-reporter@1.0.0″ has unmet peer dependency “jasmine@^3.0.0”. yarn add -D karma-jasmine

"fix dependencies"

choco messed up my node

choco install yarn Chocolatey v0.10.8 Installing the following packages: yarn By installing you accept licenses for the packages. nodejs.install v9.11.1 [Approved] nodejs.install package files install completed. Performing other installation steps. The package nodejs.install wants to run ‘chocolateyInstall.ps1’. Note: If you don’t run this script, the installation will fail. Note: To confirm automatically next time, use ‘-y’ or consider: choco feature enable -n allowGlobalConfirmation Do you want to run the script?([Y]es/[N]o/[P]rint): Timeout or your choice of…

"choco messed up my node"